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Rockaway Capital, a global investment firm based in San Francisco, Prague and Sao Paolo, today announces that it has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of Netretail Holding B.V. and Heureka. Netretail Holdings is a leading online retail business in Central Europe, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia markets. Heureka, the #1 online price comparison business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will also be included in the deal. The transaction remains subject to regulatory approvals.

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Only fine and extra goods, always fresh, as it is right and proper. Food, drugstore and even goodies for pets. As of the mid of 2015, you do not have to go to the store any more and carry yourg bags. Our delivery boy will bring your purchase right to your home.


As the first sports e-shop in the Czech Republic, Snowboards has already been established in 2000. Winter sports are their strongest sphere and lifestyle also belongs to a good one. All snowboard freaks who love style and adrenaline love them. They also score with their own snowboard and equipment brand called Westige. Nowadays in 11 European countries.


Sport.cz have played sports with you since 2009. They are the winners in terms of assortment range and selection of brands. Active people will find here a team of professionals who are always ready to give advise. You will get the news about all trendy sports from running to kayaking.


For children and parents to enjoy. Originally a shopping club, nowadays also an e-shop for all current and expectant parents. Prodeti.cz brings daily time-limited offers of high quality and original clothes, toys and accessories. Nowadays it makes pleasure for the little ones also abroad.


The first Czech fashion shopping club brings big brands at little cost. It consists of a team of fashion enthusiasts who have decided to do something with a limited supply and fancy prices of clothing. Style hunters from 3 countries may find something new every day.


This biggest e-watchseller has been ticking for its clients for 10 years. Thanks to this e-shop, not only style hunters but also more demanding clients may keep up with the times. Thousands of models by almost hundreds of world brands, fair prices and fast delivery. It is not in vain to say: „It runs like clockwork“.


Krasa.cz brings splendor, and the search is over – the most beautiful e-shop. Thousands of items of cosmetics, perfumery and other products focused on health and beauty. Charming prices, the shortest delivery possible and guaranteed service quality. On top of that, free consulting by doctors and beauticians.


Details depend. It does not matter whether you build an e-shop or you are just taking care of your look. An exclusive range of fashion accessories by renowned brands. Our fashion experts will keep an eye that nobody gets lost and he finds his own perfect piece.


You will smell this e-shop. Thousands of original perfumes by all fashion houses, designers, models, singers, actresses and athletes. This is just a sample of what you feel when you come to see us.


Green e-pharmacy. Everything we do, we do for your health. Here you can find vitamins, supplements, healthy food and natural cosmetics. Searching for health in nature will be easier with our free online medical consulting.


Jewelry box of the Czech internet. Everybody will find his gemstone in the wide range of assortment. Superb customer service while every customer is a treasure. It is just a funny detail that Sperky.cz are registered at the Assay Office.


When the price decides, but not the cover, nobody can expand like Rozbaleno. Every day we offer a pile of new treasures at significantly lower prices than you would ever expect. On daily basis we unpack, take photos, put labels, publish, sell, pack and post. Every day.


Love at first purchase. A place where you can buy anything you like and need. From the beloved perfume to a handbag, upon which you will keep your eyes on. Lovingly cared project. A new multishop from the beginning of 2015.

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